Strategy Planning Workshop:  Has your company identified a mission and vision statement?  Has senior management communicated the corporate strategy and objectives throughout the team?  Without these guiding elements, it is difficult to chart a course for your organization, define your culture or engage your workforce. Through this highly customizable workshop, we will:

  • Review or identify your corporate mission (why you exist today), vision (where you want to be in the future) and identify the corporate values that support your culture
  • Assess the internal and external environment to determine the context for defining your strategy
  • Review opportunities and their feasibility
  • Translate opportunities into business plans
  • Define implementation 

Interview Training:  With this training program, intended for all team members involved in the interview process, learn best practices and avoid legal pitfalls associated with interviewing candidates. 

  • The training program includes an initial meeting with key constituents to assess your current interview process, culture and key hiring considerations for your organization
  • The training program will be customized for your organization based on the initial meeting

New Leader Assimilation:  Do you have a newly hired leader or have you promoted a team member to leadership from within?  ​​​

  • Through this workshop, team members will meet independently from the leader and then with the leader to facilitate and accelerate a productive relationship between the team and team leader. 

As your business grows, you want and need to keep your policies and practices relevant and compliant.  In today's business environment, there are some topics that are timely and some that are timeless.  Let Summit Outsource customize a program to ideally suit your organization's need.

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Employee Handbook Development:  Do you have an employee handbook?  Did you know that even if you have one, regulations and laws change requiring an annual review of your handbook?  Do you know that there are state-specific vs. national policies that need to be outlined and observed? 

  • Whether your organization is small or large, this essential document defines required policies and contributes to an understanding of your corporate philosophies, practices and culture. 
  • Through this project, your handbook is created or modified to bring it up to date.

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Performance Feedback Best Practices and Process Implementation:  Providing regular praise and constructive feedback allows your employees to know where they stand and how they can augment their professional development.  With this workshop, we'll:

  • Assess your feedback processes today
  • Review best practices and your corporate culture to identify a feedback process that suits your organization
  • Work with team leaders to create a feedback program
  • Provide guidance to team leaders on delivery
  • Create and communicate your feedback program to the team

Onboarding Excellence:  Did you know that 22% of staff turnover occurs within the first 45 days of employment, according to the Wynhurst Group?  With an effective onboarding experience, this statistic is significantly reduced.  During this project, we'll address:

  • Your processes prior to employment offer extension
  • Your internal practices to augment your preparedness for pending new hires
  • How to improve the experience of your new hire's first days
  • How to keep the momentum going to support the new hire's continued acclimation 

Sexual Harassment Prevention Workshop:  Ensure that your organization embraces a mindset of inclusiveness and respect for all employees. This workshop includes the following customizable components:

  • Initial meeting to assess your current work environment, practices, policies and develop a go-forward plan
  • Review and update your corporate harassment policy
  • Training for your team that includes:
    • Definitions and scenarios for discussion 
    • Effective approaches to confront and eliminate inappropriate behaviors
    • Communication regarding how your organization embraces a prevention mindset